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      The Hand Wash & Vac by Winning Edge Carwash is intended to give you the experience of our services at a fraction of the price! We travel to you, wash the vehicle, remove the trash, vacuum, air dust the interior with compressed air, add fragrance, and add tire shine. 

     All our wash tools, rags, and towels have the least amount of potential to affect your paint's finish. You will see the difference in quality with choosing Winning Edge Carwash for your detailing needs.


-Any additional services per vehicle after the Hand Wash & Vac will have to be the basic detail or better. 

-Sedans, Small Suvs 2 Row, Mid Size Trucks, are all priced at this $40 rate. 1500 and up size Trucks or Suv, Dullys, Semi, Airplanes, Boats not applicable.  Basic Services or better is necessary


Hand Wash & Vac service must be paid before service:

Paying by cash or check is available upon arrival or use the option below to pay online


Credit or Debit






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