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Interior only $30

      The Assessment detail by winning edge carwash is intended to give you the experience of our services at a fraction of the price! We travel to you, assess what detail is truly needed, remove the trash, vacuum, air dust the interior with compressed air, wipe cup holders, wipe the finger prints off your windows, add fragrance, wash the vehicle, and add tire shine.

     All our wash tools, rags, and towels have the least amount of potential to affect your paint's finish. You will see the difference in quality with choosing Winning Edge Carwash for your detailing needs.

-We only perform this service on slow days, down time, and at no inconvenience to our basic or better details that take priority. 

-At the moment we can only offer this service once a year per vehicle.


-Any additional services per vehicle after the assessment detail will have to be the basic detail or better. 

-Sedans, Suvs, Trucks, Dullys are all priced at this $40 rate. Semi, Airplanes, Boats not applicable.  


-It is free to get on the assessment detail list. You are automatically placed on the list when you prepay $40 online your place in line will take priority over the other placements on the list. You can receive a refund and be removed from the list at any time or use the funds to apply to a greater detail


Prepay options:

Credit or Debit 


Click the VENMO/ CASH APP button to submit your information. Then choose the Assessment detail $40 prepaid list before sending your $40 payment through Venmo or Cash app to @wecarwash352. The $30 interior only option is available for this as well. 



Paying by cash or check is available upon arrival but will not give your position on the list priority over those who prepay 

Request free placement on the list by clicking below and choosing the assessment detail option



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