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     Detailing a neglected vehicle is a timely process that is results driven

to get your vehicle looking as new as possible. This process removes stains and address as many bad conditions as possible. This type of detailing will have a starting price of $400 to $600. Neglected detailing typically deals with buffing, shampooing of cloth seats, carpet, roofs, mud removal, specialty labor and extend travel time. Neglected detailing usually comes in after a customer needs more work then what the maintenance detail covers. The vehicle will need to be viewed to give a starting price for the job and the final budget will be determined by the client.

(Bad conditions may incur a fee of $20 or more extra charge on the base price due to the time it takes to clean it. Dog hair, or human hair is typically a $60 or more up charge due to the time it takes to clean. This is not included in the red base price.)


$80 Seat or carpet shampoo (both together are $160)

$40 Headliner shampoo

$40 Leather conditioning 

Suggested additional services for this package

$100 Spill proof carpet and fabric


Paint & Trim Protection:

Description- We use ceramics that protect your paint from LOVE BUG DAMAGE THAT INCREASE THE EASE OF REMOVING THEM!!! It also protects against Contaminants, Uv Rays, and Oxidation. This protection is also applied to the trim of the vehicle to keep it looking nice. It also provides the surface of the vehicle with a Self cleaning effect, Hydrophobic effect, and Mirror effect for increased shine. It will also make your vehicle faster from the slick surface!!!  

$60 Level 1 

Last 1 to 2 months

$100 Level 3

Last up to a year

Paint Protection video examples below:




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