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    Freshen up your ride with us! Our milk silk wash tool along with our microfiber towels wash and dry your vehical with the least amount of potental to affect your paints finish. Our continuous compressed air technique completely dusts the vehicle, blows out the cracks and crevases, and leaves the carpets looking new. The console and cup holders are wiped down. Topped off with the best tire shine and fresh sming interior. You will see the differance in quality with choosing Winning Edge Carwash for your detailing needs.

Regular vehicle type:

Sedan's, small suv's with 2 row seating, mid size trucks.

Freshen up detail totals too- $140

Larger vehicle type:

1500 size truck with or with out lift, mid size suv, 2500 trucks with or with out lift, suv's with 3rd row seating.

Freshen up detail totals too- $180

Extra Large vehicle type:

Dullys, 3500 size truck with or with out lift, xl suv's with 3rd row seating, & van's.

Freshen up detail totals too- $200

Subtract $40 when choosing interior only or exterior only packages for larger vehicle types. 

Full freshen up detail includes:

-Travel to you

-Clean the mats

-Complete compressed air dust of cracks and crevasses

-Complete vacuum- includes a pre vaccum that brushes and uses compressed air to blow out excess soil or items in between the seats, along with a final vaccum to finish it off.

(Bad conditions may incur a fee of $20 or more extra charge on the base price due to the time it takes to clean it. Dog hair, or human hair is typically a $60 or more up charge due to the time it takes to clean. This is not included in the red base price.)


-Wash and shine the exterior

-Bug removal

-Hand dry the vehicle  

-Clean the wheels 

-Shine the tires

-Remove all fingerprints on all windows

-Wipe clear the front window only 

-Wipe dry inner parts of the jams

-Wipe console and cupholders with our level 1 cleaning solution

{dose not remove spilled drinks, stains, and extra grime standard detail is suggested to cover this}

Suggested additional services for this package  

$100 Spill proof carpet and fabric

SUPERFICIAL CERAMIC COATING {Equivalent but better than wax}:

Paint & Trim Protection:


Description- We use ceramics that protect your paint from LOVE BUG DAMAGE THAT INCREASE THE EASE OF REMOVING THEM!!! It also protects against Contaminants, Uv Rays, and Oxidation. This protection is also applied to the trim of the vehicle to keep it looking nice. It also provides the surface of vehicle with a Self cleaning effect, Hydrophobic effect, and Mirror effect for increased shine. It will also make your vehicle faster from the slick surface!!!  

$60 Level 1 

Last 1 to 2 months

$100 Level 2

Last 6 to 8 months

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