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Subscription Benifits

     This is a monthly mobile detailing service by Winning Edge Carwash.

We visit once a month to any location with our own water, electricity, and chemicals to do our Importance Area Detail. This covers the particular areas needed to maintain your vehicle. Immediately receive an unlimited 10% off all our detail packages as long as your subscription is active. 1 year ceramic paint, wheels, and trim protection. No transaction fees. Cancel at any time. 

Specific details:

 1. $48 a month pricing 

-This subscription service was created to retain our customers better, provide detailing services at a cheaper price, and to better maintain the customer's vehicle throughout the year. 

-With this subscription it’s not like paying for gym memberships you don't use, or machine car washes that take time out of your day to get to the location and wait for services. We contact you, travel to your location, get it done, all while you continue to focus on other things besides keeping your ride clean. 


 2. Mandatory mobile visit  to you with our own water, electricity, and chemicals to do our Importance Area Detail to the vehicle subscribe to this service:

  • For example: Focusing on trash removal, removing developing stains, complete washes, removing brake dust build up, specific scratch removal, dog hair removal, love bug cleaning exc… 

  • We will also give you the best out look of what you should do to get your vehicle fully detailed at the reduce rate included with this subscription

  • You can also contact us before we visit to tell us what you will prefer us to focus on when we visit


 3. $48 Once a month plan or customize your service  

  • The base price for this plan is $48 a month to do our Importance Area Detail but, if you want to tailor a different monthly detail plan we will discuss it and get it established as well. 


 4. Unlimited 10% off pricing on all details

  • When you purchase a detail at any time if it's only one that month, your $48 will be included in your detail price. That detail will also be reduced by 10%. 

  • For example, our recommended detail with the subscription included for the month would go from $260 to $234. If you don't get a detail the next month you will only get $48 drafted and we will still come out and do the Importance Area Detail. 

  • You can use this 10% off for all your vehicles and your buddies vehicles too at no limit


 5. Level 1 Paint protection every 3 months the subscription is active.

  • Keeping this subscription active for the whole year gives you 4 paint protection services that last 3 months at a time. Use this to protect 1 vehicle the whole year or use it on other vehicles. 

  • This is equivalent to a hand wax but way better: We use ceramics that protect your paint from LOVE BUG DAMAGE THAT INCREASE THE EASE OF REMOVING THEM!!! It also protects against Contaminants, Uv Rays, and Oxidation. This protection is also applied to the trim of the vehicle to keep it looking nice. It also provides the surface of the vehicle with a Self cleaning effect, Hydrophobic effect, and Mirror effect for increased shine. It will also make your vehicle faster from the slick surface!!!  

  • This is highly beneficial in that it provides 1 year worth of paint protection, a proper wash with bug removal, and tire shine. 


​ 6. No transaction fees:

-we normally charge 2% for cash app or venmo transactions and 6% for all card transactions.


 7. Cancel at any time:

  • In order to keep this subscription you must put a card on file through our secure square merchant service that will auto draft the $48 a month from your account. This can securely be done through our website 

  • All the benefits from this subscription will immediately take effect. We will automatically contact you for your first visit or you can contact us to discuss specific timing that best suits you.  

  • If you want to end this subscription just call us up and we will remove your card on file.

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